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Company's Lawyers

Our organization includes: 
- lawyers specialized in legal entities' registration in Russia (including those with foreign capital participation); 
- attorneys specialized in company's interest defense before court. 
- trustees in bankruptcy (company bankruptcy specialists in Russia); 
- accountants providing services on accounting for Russian legal entities and foreign companies' representative offices;

Legal Group's History

OPG was incorporated in 2001 due to our lawyers' understanding the fact that only combining knowledge of specialists in various branches of law would allow provide legal safety for our customers at the appropriate level. 
With unification of lawyers practicing in various economy branches, we managed to create a professional team who was able to render legal services to companies of any scale and any activity.

Our Company's Specialization

Having started our company's activity with legal services in corporate law, OPG is currently specialized in rendering the following services: 
- services in corporate law (incorporation, registration, re-registration of companies with various forms of ownership), and registration of foreign companies' affiliates and representative offices, and, certainly, companies' winding up (including alternative winding up through offshore, voluntary dissolution and liquidation via bankruptcy); 
- representation and defense before courts - including those on recovering debts from Russian companies, and on proceedings with tax authorities.