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Company Registration in Russia

We provide a full range of services on registration of business companies in Russia (in Moscow or any other city) - €1,500: 
- we will choose a legal form for a company (limited liability company or a joint-stock company); 
- we will help choose taxation system; 
- we will provide documents for a company's legal address (registered office); 
- we will prepare the entire package of documents for a company registration (including that for foreign founding members); 
- we will register a company in the registration authority (in Federal Tax Service); 
- we'll help open a settlement account in Russia.

Company registration in Russia starts with selecting a type of company

RF legislation provides a variety of legal entities' types. The most popular among them are limited liability companies and joint-stock companies. 
Limited liability companies are registered in most cases.
However, if founding members intend free floating shares of the company, it shall be registered as a joint-stock company (for simplified share circulation at markets and various stock-exchanges)
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Taxation system in Russia may be chosen by the company founding members

Depending on company's activity, the company itself can select its taxation system. Conventional taxes in Russia are composed of the following payments: 
- VAT (value-added tax) - its amount makes up 18%; 
- corporate profit tax, which makes up 20%. 
Meanwhile, the company is entitled to select another taxation system, e.g., not to pay income tax or VAT at all, paying only a tax of 6% from revenue or 15% from income.
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Company registration is possible only with company's address

So-called "legal address" or legal entity's state registration address is mandatory for registration of any company in Russia. 
In other words, in order to be registered in Russia, a company shall have an office in any city (and as a result - a lease agreement for that office). 
We will help You select a legal address in Moscow or any region in Russia, and we'll provide all necessary documents on the office (certificate of ownership, letter of commitment, lease agreement, etc.)
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Incorporation documents provide a basis for your company. Entrust their execution to professionals.

Common package of documents required for the company registration in Russia includes the following list: 
- resolution on organization establishing (to be executed in the form of a written resolution of a founding member or in the form of an incorporation minutes by several founding members); 
- memorandum of association (to be executed when establishing a company by several founding members); 
- Articles of Association (it shall be approved by all initial owners of the company); 
- documents on the company's registered address (as a rule, it is a certificate of ownership for the premises, and a letter of commitment from the owner to provide the premises as a company's location address).
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Company registration requires applying to a Notary and to a tax authority

Beside incorporation documents, company registration in Russia will required documents to be submitted directly to a registering authority: 
- P11001 form (special document, form whereof is approved by Russian Government, scanning and automatic recognition whereof allows register a company with a tax authority); 
- evidence of legal entity's registration state fee payment.
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We will help open a settlement account in Russia

In order for a company to start acting as a business entity, it will, certainly, need a settlement account. 
A settlement account may be opened in any credit institution of Moscow or another city in Russia. Therefore, you will need all incorporation documents of the company and documents on the company's legal address (lease agreement).
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