Defense and Representation before Courts of the Russian Federation 

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Defense and Representation before Courts of the Russian Federation

Lawyers of our company provide services to foreign citizens and legal entities on defending their rights and obligations in Russia. 
We provide defense of companies' interests in arbitration courts and courts of law, and provide defense of foreign citizens' rights in criminal cases. 
 Cost of legal services before courts - from €2,000.

Representing foreign companies before the Arbitration Court of Russia

Disputes between commercial companies on business-related issues are considered by the Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation (such courts are formed in every region of Russia). 
Arbitration Court considers complaints from legal entities and deliver judgments on behalf of the Russian Federation.
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Representing foreign companies and citizens before court of law

Some issues and disputes arising in connection with the companies' and citizens' activity in Russia are resolved in courts of law. 
These courts hear disputes not related to business activity, and the most disputes with participation of citizens.
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Debt recovery in Russia

Our lawyers have a significant experience in debt recovery. 
If your company have claims to a Russian company (e.g. claims arising from a delivery contract or a service contract), you can apply to court claiming to recover debt. 
Our lawyers will represent interests of your organization on debt recovery before judicial authorities, and within a procedure for execution of judgment.
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Defense in criminal cases in Russia

Business activity in Russia is often related to criminal and juristic prosecution of businessmen. For example, tax legislation of the Russian Federation allows law-enforcement bodies of the state open criminal cases by results of tax inspections against the company's activity. 
For defense in criminal proceedings, we will ready to provide assistance of our lawyers admitted to participation in criminal proceedings.
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