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Services and Prices

Legal Services for Non-Residents of the Russian Federation

Accreditation of a foreign company's affiliate or representative office in the Russian Federation


Opening a settlement account for a foreign legal entity in RF bank


Registration of business companies (LLC or OJSC) with foreign founding members and (or) management


Registration of non-profit companies with foreign founding members and (or) management


Defense of foreign companies' rights and interests before Russian courts (including recovering debts from Russian companies)

from €2,000

Criminal lawyer's services (foreign citizens' defense)

from €2,500

Accounting services (accounting by a company in Russia)

from €600 per month

Winding Up in Russia

Official winding up by the resolution of owners

from €2,500

Winding up through bankruptcy procedure

from €10,000

Winding up of a Russian company by replacing its owners and management with an offshore company


Amending Russian Company's Documents

Change of company's manager


Change of a founding member (in a limited liability company)


Change of a shareholder (in joint-stock companies)


Change of legal address


Change of name


Change of activity